Friday, March 12, 2010

The S9 Episode

Last Wednesday, I was standing at the Science City bus stoppage, waiting for my ride to home; spotting a S9 I boarded it. With no other options available, I took the very seat next to the gate. A couple a stops later suddenly the conductor, a middle aged man with a big black moustache took the seat next to me and in a low voice asked me, “ai tomader college e meyeder half pant pora allow kore?”

Seeing the opportunity to make my boring journey an interesting one, I started conversing. 

me: keno?

conductor: dekho na. Bus e ekta meye utheche, chotto ekta half pant pore; kono lojja shorom nei eder.

me: amader college e to meyera erom dress pore na. onno college hobe.

conductor: se je college i hok. erom pore keu rastay beroy? pore kichu hole era abar chechamechi kore. amader somoy jamar ekta botam khola thakle, mastermoshai ra class theke bar kore dito.

me: tobe ekhon dinkal onek bodleche toh.

conductor: jotoi bodlak. tai bole half pant? chi chi. ajkal rasta ghate chokh ghoralei dekha jay meyera cigarette tanche; ki odhopoton!

me: se r ki kora jabe?

conductor: ei tumi karunamoyee te nambe toh?

me: haan. keno?

conductor:  shono prothomei naambe na. ektu wait korbe, tale meyetake dekhte parbe. ....

As instructed by the elderly person I took off a little late and saw the girl of our discussion. As imagined, she was not that great except the Hot Pants!

But still looking on the brighter side, the elderly conductor made that journey an interesting one and I wish, I get to see people like him more often.


  1. awesum buddy, did really had dis convo??
    i want to meet dis conductor, ;)