Friday, March 12, 2010

The S9 Episode

Last Wednesday, I was standing at the Science City bus stoppage, waiting for my ride to home; spotting a S9 I boarded it. With no other options available, I took the very seat next to the gate. A couple a stops later suddenly the conductor, a middle aged man with a big black moustache took the seat next to me and in a low voice asked me, “ai tomader college e meyeder half pant pora allow kore?”

Seeing the opportunity to make my boring journey an interesting one, I started conversing. 

me: keno?

conductor: dekho na. Bus e ekta meye utheche, chotto ekta half pant pore; kono lojja shorom nei eder.

me: amader college e to meyera erom dress pore na. onno college hobe.

conductor: se je college i hok. erom pore keu rastay beroy? pore kichu hole era abar chechamechi kore. amader somoy jamar ekta botam khola thakle, mastermoshai ra class theke bar kore dito.

me: tobe ekhon dinkal onek bodleche toh.

conductor: jotoi bodlak. tai bole half pant? chi chi. ajkal rasta ghate chokh ghoralei dekha jay meyera cigarette tanche; ki odhopoton!

me: se r ki kora jabe?

conductor: ei tumi karunamoyee te nambe toh?

me: haan. keno?

conductor:  shono prothomei naambe na. ektu wait korbe, tale meyetake dekhte parbe. ....

As instructed by the elderly person I took off a little late and saw the girl of our discussion. As imagined, she was not that great except the Hot Pants!

But still looking on the brighter side, the elderly conductor made that journey an interesting one and I wish, I get to see people like him more often.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Safe India ???

18 - that is the age when we are eligible to vote in INDIA. Now the question arises why should we vote? Why it is necessary to elect a political party to form the so-called Government which vows to act as the father figure of the country? Being in that position what has the government provided us with? The government cannot even give us the basic protection; forget about a better life, an improved economy. Every time a terrorist attack happens, waves of fury blow throughout the country; allegations, counter allegations take place. Political figures visit the sites, giving assurances that such things would not happen again. News channels host several shows discussing the issue. But what happens ultimately?  After some days we forget and move on with our regular life. All the assurances are dumped in the trash bin. And the leaders move on with their high profile life.

Do we realise that every time a terrorist attack take place, it is the common people who are dying. If we have to die like this every other day, then why vote for such WORTHLESS government? Why vote and make those leaders enjoy a high profile life for five years?

If the government cannot take the responsibility why doesn’t it step down? It does not even learn from the tragedies. The coastal areas have not been secured even today after the tragic 26/11. In the news channels they come up with the words that things will be settled down soon. When questioned they say,” one cannot opt for ‘Bullet for Bullet' policy. We need to strategise. India is a diverse country and the government cannot suddenly provide security to every citizen overnight.”  Who asked them to give security overnight? What were they doing in the last 63 years? 

We want a SOLUTION to this. We are fed up with the assurances, political allegations and every other thing they come up with after such an incident. We don’t want to listen to anything. All we want to see is that people can walk safely in the streets. That fathers don’t have to warn their children not to use the Metro Railway or visit a Mall on 26th of January.  All that we ask for is a SAFE INDIA.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Sun

She set her little steps on the open sand, carefree, nothing to worry about, and no one to bother. She went on till the waves could touch her tiny feet. She liked the splashing sound of the waves. She stared at the foamy water kissing her feet, going back and then coming back again as if somebody had punished it to this repeated times. Every time the cold water touched her feet a chilly feeling ran down her spine. Still she stood there unaware, staring at the vastness of the ocean amidst which she could spot the reddish tinge in the sky. “The sun is not out yet, maybe it’s too tired after all the celebrations on the New Years Eve”, she said to herself and a big smile lighted up her face. She wanted to see the first sun of this new decade and wish it. And so she stood there on the almost barren beach, her eyes in constant search for the new Sun.