Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Sun

She set her little steps on the open sand, carefree, nothing to worry about, and no one to bother. She went on till the waves could touch her tiny feet. She liked the splashing sound of the waves. She stared at the foamy water kissing her feet, going back and then coming back again as if somebody had punished it to this repeated times. Every time the cold water touched her feet a chilly feeling ran down her spine. Still she stood there unaware, staring at the vastness of the ocean amidst which she could spot the reddish tinge in the sky. “The sun is not out yet, maybe it’s too tired after all the celebrations on the New Years Eve”, she said to herself and a big smile lighted up her face. She wanted to see the first sun of this new decade and wish it. And so she stood there on the almost barren beach, her eyes in constant search for the new Sun.