Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A date with the Trojans

Spent almost the whole afternoon fighting the TROJANS and now when its over, i can proudly say i emerged as the winner.

AVG 8.0 Sucks completely. When those worms were entering my lappy it did nothing, it couldn't even detect them. i came to know about the invaders when they had already made some backup files for themselves.

i was lucky enough to have the Kaspersky installer files handy in my desktop..

But getting it installed was tough. I could not even open my C drive. The trojans had them all guarded. Somehow i sneaked in. Updated Kaspersky. And then the fight began.

It took  more than 2 hrs to completely remove the trojans...and now my lappy is once again SECURE............

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  1. ami 2 prothome bhablam trojan bujhi kono notun game!!!